El Toyon Chapter, NSDAR

Stockton, California

Chapter History

In November 1900, a small group of Stockton women of early American ancestry met to discuss the formation of a chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  As a result of the meeting, El Toyon Chapter, NSDAR, was organized with 26 members on January 9, 1901. On that day, a Wednesday, the chapter met for the first time at Miller Memorial Hall where  Mrs. J. D. (Anna Foreman) Peters was elected El Toyon's first chapter regent.     

The 26 Charter Members of El Toyon Chapter, NSDAR

Genevieve Foreman Peters Six   Alma G. Fairbanks Clayes
Emily Genevieve Learned Tully   Mary Fraser Pittman
Anna Foreman Peters   Edna Orr James
Abigail Cadle Ashley   Adelaide Louise Dodge Nicol
Mary J. Kennedy Clary   Sarah Bird Dorrance Owen
Maybelle Clary Barrette   Mary Hamilton Phillips
Ethel Amelia Clary   Grace Julia Cutting Stewart
Anna Fairbanks Cadle   Mary Amelia Haste Budd
Anna Creaner   May Louise Budd Hodgkins
Louise Creaner   Jennie D. Fanning
Maria Snow Cutting   Ada Huggins Lyons
Emily Matilda Dodge   Mamie E. Huggins Miller
Clara Dodge   Lucy Guadalupe Post

A drawing done by Ralph Yardley of the Stockton Record

The women are from left to right:
Mrs. J. J. Tully  -  Emily Genevieve Learned Tully
Mrs. John Budd  -  Mary Emelia Haste Budd
Mrs. Mary Phillips  -  Mary Hamilton Phillips
Mrs. Edna Orr James  -  Edna Orr James